The Sagert Family
Our family moved to Guatemala in early 2007 and it quickly became home to us. In the first seven years of serving here, our main focus was development projects in small, rural Mayan villages. In 2014 we moved to Guatemala City so that our kids could be enrolled in an English speaking missionary school. Once here, our ministry focus was redirected to the poor of Guatemala City. Although we are still involved in rural development projects (construction, feeding programs, and trade schools), our main focus now is working with sexually exploited women.

Guatemala City is home to many thousands of prostitutes from all parts of Central America. Some are trafficked, some work the streets, others in brothels, and many others are in "closed" houses that they rarely, if ever, are allowed to leave. The women we work with have all made the choice to sell sex because of poverty and an inability to earn enough money to provide for their children. All are abandoned single mothers, and almost all have childhoods blighted by the horror of sexual abuse.

Our focus has always been on working with the poor in any community. Those working in the sex-trade are not only dealing with the immense challenges of poverty but are also the most despised and vilified members of society. They are in desperate need of kindness, hope, and a real way out of the life that they long to escape.We are currently focused in one area of the city called La Linea, but we have plans to move into other areas soon. Ultimately, our aim is to provide a safe, viable alternative for women who wish to escape a life of exploitation. Right now there is nowhere for them to go, and there are no state funded resources for them to access.

We'd love to include you in our work here either through financial support or by bringing a team. We also love to talk about these precious women, so if you invite us to speak, we'll probably say yes!