It’s official.
The work we’ve been doing with sex trade workers in Guatemala City for the past two and half years now has a name and legal status as a non-profit organization!!  We’d like to introduce you to Tamar’s Hope - helping sexually exploited women in Guatemala regain dignity and wholeness.

Tamar’s Hope will have its own dedicated website and we’ll certainly be letting you know about that soon.  But because of the sensitive nature of this ministry, the website will not always be the place to share real life stories about the work here.  Instead, we’ve also opened a private Facebook group which we expect will be a useful communication tool to share the good, the bad and the awesome with our friends and supporters.  If that’s you, please just send us a request to join the Tamar’s Hope Facebook group.  We look forward to seeing you there!!
*Important Note*  Our status as CTEN missionaries remains unchanged.  Donations for our personal support and ministry (regardless of name) will continue to be receipted by CTEN.






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Larry says... (Reply)
"This is real good news. Please sign me up for the Tamar's Hope Facebook group" (11/18/17)
Carol Sagert says... (Reply)
"I am excited about this news. Please include me on your private Tamar's Hope Facebook page" (11/18/17)
Ric says... (Reply)
"Exciting ... sign me up!" (11/18/17)
Teresa Sawatsky says... (Reply)
"Yes! Please add me!" (11/18/17)
Sylvie says... (Reply)
"Wonderful news!! Yes, please add me to your facebook group." (11/18/17)
Karen Hill says... (Reply)
"I'm in pleaseā£" (11/18/17)
J.R.Baldwin says... (Reply)
"You have such patience! Yes, sign up, please." (11/18/17)
Shawn Sagert says... (Reply)
"Awesome! Just click on "a request to join" above and then we'll get you in!" (11/19/17)
Tammy Hettinga says... (Reply)
"Great to hear! Please include me in the FB group." (11/19/17)
Lena Odie says... (Reply)
"Such wonderful news! I LOVE the name you chose, so beautiful!! Blessings to you guys as you keep pouring your love out on those precious women! I look forward to following you on your fb page too!! 3" (11/19/17)